Choose from four routes ranging from a relaxed 16-mile loop to a metric century and a 78-mile ride with a timed King/Queen of the Mountain climbing challenge - with prizes! All routes will have well-stocked rest stops thanks to our friends at Thrive Regional Partnership and Tower Community Bank!

PLEASE NOTE: Registrants for the 78-mile ride will be given a bib with a timing chip which must be worn in order to be eligible for the Village Volkswagen K.O.M. climbing challenge. Also, you must reach the Pikeville rest stop (mile 36) by noon in order to continue on the 78-mile route and compete in the K.O.M. climbing challenge. If you do not reach Pikeville by noon (3.5 hours after the ride start), you will be redirected to return to Dunlap via the 63-mile Metric Century route.

16-Mile Route.jpg


This 16-mile ride is for anyone looking to join in the fun! While there's no way to completely avoid the hills in this part of the world , the route limits the suffering as much as possible (only 600 feet of climbing) while still showing off the beauty of the Valley.

37-Mile Route.jpg


Take your time on this relaxed 37-mile loop designed to give you a taste of how good the riding is in Sequatchie Valley without spending all day on the bike. Fun roads, good views and about 1,800 feet of climbing.

63-Mile Route.jpg


While not quite as painful as the Cumberland K.O.M. Challenge, the 63-mile metric century will still give you plenty of climbing (2,800 feet!) to go along with gorgeous views and fun roads, plus a memorable rest stop in charming Pikeville!

78-Mile Route.jpg


Looking for both distance and climbing? This 78-mile ride is the one for you! Featuring stellar scenery and 4,600 feet of climbing, you'll get a full survey of everything Sequatchie Valley cycling has to offer, including a 3-mile timed climb up the Cumberland Plateau presented by Village Volkswagen! (Check out the prizes below!)


The KOM competition will have Overall Men's & Women's categories as well as Under 21 and Over 60 categories. We're continuing to add prizes to the pot which means we'll have plenty of winners - not just the top of the podium!

HandUp Gloves has also requested that their gloves be given to "off-the-podium" finishers. So even if you're not the fastest, show some enthusiasm and creativity and you can still walk away with a prize!

Winners will be announced at the post-ride lunch buffet & outdoor expo.

This list is still growing but we wanted to go ahead and give a shout-out to our friends & partners who are contributing to our prize stash:


One-Hour Deep Tissue Massage or Ashiatsu (Barefoot Massage!) from Celeste Cyr Wellness & Massage


60-Minute Facial from Sharon at Face Emergency Skin Care

Gift Certs.jpg

$50 Gift Certificates to Cycle Sport - compliments of our friends at Chambliss Law

Foam Rollers.jpg

Foam roller sets and Deep Blue muscle rub from Simply Essential Solutions


Growlers of your favorite beer from Heaven & Ale Brewing Co.


Commemorative Tennessee gloves from Chattanooga-based HandUp Gloves

Interested in donating a prize? Contact us with what you have in mind. The more prizes the better!


Bring your cell phone on the ride! We will provide you with a phone number to call if you need assistance, and we will do our best to support you during the ride with well-stocked rest stops and multiple roving SAG vehicles. However, we can’t be everywhere at once. You should still come prepared with the tools you need to fix a flat or do your own minor repairs, just as you would on any long distance ride.

Rules of the Road

  1. You must wear a helmet to participate in this ride.
  2. Avoid using earbuds while riding, as awareness of your surroundings at all times is crucial to your safety as well as the safety of those around you.
  3. Keep an eye out for vehicles while riding and be considerate to vehicles trying to pass. We've avoided the busier roads with our routes, but all roads will be open to traffic.
  4. Obey all traffic laws, which means stopping at all stop signs and traffic lights.
  5. Ride no more than two abreast.
  6. Ride on the shoulder or in a bike lane whenever possible.
  7. If you need to stop while riding, please get completely off the road.
  8. Control your speed on fast descents by feathering your brakes, and always brake before entering sharp turns (as opposed to a sudden hard squeeze in the middle of a turn).
  9. Communicate with other cyclists when riding as a group. When turning, signal with your hand and tell everyone which direction you're turning. Announce when you're slowing down or coming to a stop. Call out hazards in the road.
  10. Be predictable. Ride in a straight line without zig-zagging, and ride at a consistent speed without sudden accelerations or decreases in speed.