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Cycle Sequatchie is a joint production of VELO VIEW BIKE TOURS and the CHATTANOOGA BICYCLE CLUB that combines a beautiful, fun, first-class bike ride with a celebration of everything that makes Sequatchie Valley and the South Cumberland Plateau such a special place! Our goals:

  • Bring attention to all of the fun options for outdoor recreation (cycling & so much more!) in Sequatchie Valley and the South Cumberland Plateau.
  • Provide exposure and opportunities to support regional conservation initiatives along with family farms & local businesses through the Outdoor Expo.

Support the cause through financial sponsorship or volunteer work during the event. Click here to check out our 2020 sponsorship opportunities!

Thank you to all of our 2019 partners and sponsors for teaming up to make this event possible!


Land Trust for TN.jpg

The Land Trust for Tennessee

Our goal is to help preserve what makes Sequatchie Valley and the South Cumberland Plateau such a special place, and there is no better organization to further that cause than the Land Trust for Tennessee. Since 1999, they have conserved more than 126,000 acres across our beautiful state, and have made this region a priority for future conservation efforts. As the event's beneficiary, we look forward to working together to protect our natural and historic landscapes, both public and private, to make scenic Southeast Tennessee a better place to live, work and play!


Lyndhurst Foundation

With a philanthropic history dating back to 1938, the Lyndhurst Foundation has had an immeasurable impact on the quality of life in the greater Chattanooga region, and we are honored to have their support in funding our farm-to-table lunch buffet. Together with the Land Trust for Tennessee, we are proud to showcase the family farms of Sequatchie Valley and the South Cumberland Plateau as we work to protect critical agricultural land in the region and promote the production and consumption of locally grown food.

Dunlap Chamber.jpg

Sequatchie County - Dunlap Chamber

This event would not be possible without the generosity of our hosts at the City of Dunlap and the Sequatchie County - Dunlap Chamber of Commerce. Big thanks to all of the communities throughout the Valley and Plateau for their support in making Cycle Sequatchie happen!

TN Tourism.jpg

Tennessee Tourism

We're excited to announce that the Tennessee Department of Tourism has partnered with the Sequatchie County - Dunlap Chamber of Commerce to document this inaugural Cycle Sequatchie event!.We'll post links to the videos and pictures after the event so you can see yourselves in action!

Village Volkswagen.jpg

Village Volkswagen Chattanooga

With their history of supporting cycling in the Chattanooga region, Village Volkswagen is the perfect title sponsor for our Cumberland K.O.M. Challenge. They're also donating prizes for the winners! Be sure to check out their display car at the finish line!


Tower Community Bank

Based in Sequatchie Valley (Jasper) with a growing presence throughout middle and southeast Tennessee, Tower Community Bank is a leader in the region and beyond, and we are excited to have their support and participation in Cycle Sequatchie, not only in setting up a special rest stop on the course but also in paying the entry fees for a number of riders!


Haygood Farms

Organically grown in Sequatchie Valley, Haygood Farms produces hand-cultivated hemp of the highest quality, resulting in highly effective CBD products that are free of heavy metals, solvents & pesticides. We love their commitment to local organic farming, and we're excited to have them on board as one of our primary partners. Check out their products at the outdoor expo, which they are generously sponsoring!

Thrive Regional Partnership.jpg

Thrive Regional Partnership

Working to improve the quality of life in the greater Chattanooga region and to spark creative development within its communities, Thrive Regional Partnership promotes economic growth in a way that preserves our natural treasures for future generations. This focus on conservation makes them a great fit for Cycle Sequatchie and we are extremely grateful for their contribution to provide well-stocked rest stops along the bike routes!

Citizens Tri County.jpg

Citizens Tri-County Bank

While Citizens Tri-County Bank has grown to serve 9 counties throughout southeast and middle Tennessee, it remains locally owned and operated just as it was when it was founded in Dunlap in 1972. For our event, their support has an appropriately personal touch. When you're feasting on all those delicious pies and cakes from the Cookie Jar Cafe, you can thank Citizens Tri-County. Dessert's on them!



Owen Cyclery

We're excited to have Owen Cyclery on the team this year to provide first-class SAG support during the ride. Look for their table at the expo too!


REI Chattanooga

Look to the pros at REI Chattanooga for bike support before, during and after the ride!

A Team.jpg


With experience working athletic events of all kinds (including top-level Ironman competitions), this gifted group of licensed massage therapists brings their A-game to every event they work, and we couldn't be happier to have them on hand to apply their magic touch to our participants - and spectators too!



Take advantage of wellness on the go with our friends at THE MASAJ, offering in-room massage services from licensed massage therapists pre- and post-ride. Registrants will receive $5 off! (Ask us for the coupon code.)


UTC Outdoors

We're excited to partner with the Outdoors program at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga to help students venture beyond campus and explore the natural amenities of our beautiful region. Look for UTC students on their bikes during the ride and also pitching in as volunteers when they're through! Thanks UTC!

Chatt State.jpg

Chattanooga State

Chattanooga State student volunteers will be offering support and encouragement to riders as they pass through the rest stops!

Seq Aux.jpg

Sequatchie County Auxiliary Communications Service

Special thanks to the volunteers from the Sequatchie County Auxiliary Communications Service for helping keep our cyclists safe and accounted for during the ride.

Bike Flights.jpg

Bike Flights

Coming in from out-of-town for the ride and want to ship your bike? Check out our custom page with Bike Flights for details on how easy it can be!



Chambliss Attorneys at Law

Big thanks to our friends at Chambliss for their continued support of cycling events in the Chattanooga tri-state region and for their contribution of gift cards to Owen Cyclery for our Cumberland K.O.M. Challenge winners!

CC Massage.jpg

Celeste Cyr Wellness & Massage

With close to 20 years of experience in a variety of massage techniques and health practices, Celeste Cyr can give your body just what it needs. In addition to donating a pair of massages for our Cumberland K.O.M. Challenge winners, she's also giving a 5% discount to anyone who references Cycle Sequatchie when booking a massage!

Face Emergency.jpg

Face Emergency

Drawing on her years of experience as one of Atlanta’s top-reviewed estheticians, Sharon Morejon now offers a variety of premium services at her day spa in Chattanooga. She's also generously offered up a free 60-minute facial as one of our Cumberland K.O.M. Challenge prizes!



Based in South Pittsburg (the southern end of Sequatchie Valley), Lodge has been providing quality cookware since the late 1800's. Their commitment to family roots shows in their sponsorship of local events like the National Cornbread Festival and Cycle Sequatchie. Look for their outdoor cookware in our Cumberland K.O.M. Challenge prizes, and go visit the factory store in South Pittsburg!

Simply Essential Solutions.jpg

Simply Essential Solutions

Simply Essential Solutions provides the answer for post-ride recovery with quality foam roller sets and Deep Blue muscle rub. Order online or take some home from the post-ride expo. You can also win some for free as they have generously been donated as part of our Cumberland K.O.M. Challenge prizes!


HandUp Gloves

Known for their bold designs and high quality gloves (and now other cycling apparel!), Chattanooga-based HandUp Gloves is a huge supporter of local events. For Cycle Sequatchie, they're offering some fun gloves as prizes for our "off-the-podium" K.O.M. winners!

Heaven & Ale.jpg

Heaven & Ale

We like local craft brewer Heaven & Ale so much that we're not only serving their beer at the post-ride lunch, but, thanks to their generosity, we'll also be offering their beer as one of our K.O.M. prizes!


High Haute.jpg

High Haute Foods

We are thrilled to have farm-to-table specialist High Haute Foods in charge of our post-ride lunch! You can expect an exceptionally high quality meal carefully prepared with ingredients sourced from family owned and operated farms located in Sequatchie Valley and the South Cumberland Plateau.

Brew Market.jpg

Brew Market & Beer Garden

Not only will our friends at the Brew Market & Beer Garden be serving our favorite beers from Hutton & Smith, Heaven & Ale and Oddstory at the post-ride lunch, but they will also offer a custom brew made just for our event!

Tap House.jpg

The Tap House

Can't wait for the big event to sample Chattanooga's finest brews? The Tap House will be happy to satisfy your curiosity and thirst with one of the 30 beers and ciders they have on tap!

Cookie Jar.jpg

The Cookie Jar Cafe

Good Southern comfort food and fantastic desserts have made the Cookie Jar Cafe one of our favorite places to refuel after riding in the Valley. So when we put this ride together, we knew the Cookie Jar Cafe would have to be part of the post-ride meal. One bite of their delicious cakes and pies and you'll know why!


Clark's Bakery

Located just south of Dunlap in an idyllic setting off of Stone Cave Road, Clark's Bakery offers healthy baked goods made with all-natural ingredients. Drive over to the bakery and load up, or pop in for a snack on your next bike ride. The bakery makes the perfect rest stop and is right on one of the Sequatchie Valley Scenic Bikeway loops. You'll also cycle right past their driveway on the Cycle Sequatchie ride!

Wheelers Orchard.jpg

Wheeler's Orchard & Vineyard

The Wheeler family has been sustainably operating their orchard and vineyard for over 40 years, and we are proud to showcase their top-shelf fresh-squeezed cider at our farmers' feast! Located just up on the road on the Cumberland Plateau, the orchard is definitely worth a visit!

Sequatchie Cove Farm.jpg

Sequatchie Cove Farm

A leader in both all-natural sustainable farming practices and in conservation in the region, Sequatchie Cove Farm provides high quality meats, produce and cheeses, and we couldn't be happier to have their help in showing off how good the Valley tastes! Get a first-hand look at how the farm operates and have a home-cooked lunch there on the grounds by signing up for the Sunday tour when you register for the ride!


Dayspring Farm

Located high on the South Cumberland Plateau, Dayspring Farm is committed to sustainable and humane farming and animal husbandry methods and even has an apiary for fresh honey!

Pig Mtn.jpg

Pig Mountain

Pig Mountain boasts a "farrow-to-finish" operation, meaning all of their feeder pigs are born and raised right there on the farm, free of hormones and antibiotics and free to roam through a mixture of pasture and woodlot.

Fall Creek Farms.jpg

Fall Creek Farms

Fall Creek Farms is a family owned and operated farm in Spencer, TN on the Cumberland Plateau. They also run a raw milk herd share program, including goat milk. In addition to their other endeavors, they also have grass fed beef and free range chicken and duck eggs available!



Southeast Tennessee Tourism Association

The Southeast Tennessee Tourism Association promotes sustainable tourism in rural Southeast Tennessee and played an important role in making this event possible. Check out to get ideas for your next vacation in our beautiful neck of the woods!

Velo Vixens.jpg

Velo Vixens

Looking for a fun group of ladies to share laughs both on and off the bike? Chattanooga's Velo Vixens has you covered! From casual gatherings to social rides to competitive racing, the Velo Vixens offer a safe and supportive environment.

Southern Velo.jpg

Southern Velo

The newest and fastest-growing club in the Chattanooga region, Southern Velo is home to cyclists of all stripes - racers and recreationalists alike. No matter what you ride or why you ride, you'll enjoy the "veloship" of your fellow cyclists at Southern Velo!

Team Bubba.jpg


Proud to "whine like a man" for more than 20 years, Chattanooga's own Team Bubba specializes in suffer-fest rides and ridiculous nicknames. Check out their weekly rides at

Scenic City Velo.jpg

Scenic City Velo

Home to roadies, mountain bikers, cyclocrossers, weekend warriors, hard-core racers and casual social riders, everyone at Scenic City Velo has one thing in common - they love to ride bikes! Check out their three teams - Village Volkswagen, Motor Mile Racing & Privateer Cyclocross - and find your place at SCV!


Echelon Studio

Based in Chattanooga but reaching a global audience, Echelon doubles as a cycling spin studio and a flex training studio (offering barre, pilates, strength training, yoga, meditation, flexibility, and more) with classes on-site or live-streamed into your home!